The Gardens of Stone Tree

Stone Tree Cottage welcomes you!

Keith and Becci have transformed an acre of lawn into a mini botanical wonderment.  This Comox Valley garden is a gathering of choice trees, shrubs, conifers, & perennials. All these are beautifully woven together, showcasing a stunning and colorful landscape that will leave you inspired.

Having designed and built the gardens themselves, the process has been a labour of love and it shows.

The seasoned gardens now take on a life of their own, providing a sanctuary for an array of flora and fauna. Visitors will find plants growing from Acer palmatum cultivars to Zenobia pulverulenta, with countless varieties in between.

Here one will experience neatly clipped box hedges, terraced rock walls lining a natural stream, formal & informal ponds, pergolas, and exquisitely pruned trees and shrubs.

It's good to get away from noise, chaos, & din
To seek in solitude & peace the beauty that's within
To go into a quiet garden & breathe its loveliness
To contemplate in silence those things which calm & bless


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